Our Story

This story, however small it began, is no small story to the ones who created it. Twenty-five years ago, Lisa began her vision of creating a fashion stop for cute and edgy chicks who wanted it all- to keep up with style trends, without compromising quality. She launched successful boutique stores from the beach cities of South Orange County to Santa Monica. Yet there were many more women to cater to. Lisa desired to reach them on a global scale.  Previously only limited to the style savvy youth of Orange County, now PinkIce is available to the world. 

Pink Ice's long-time loyal customers know that there has been many changes to Pink Ice. From the friendly faces of their models, to the online inter-faces of their shopping site, Pink Ice has taken on many challenges and tried on many different designs to keep up with the shopping demands of today and still find a way to stand out and show their identity in this competitive mass market.  And their search isn't over. They will always change, as you will. As you grow, Pink Ice will grow with you. And as you move and find your place in the world, Pink ice will continue to improve and be available where ever you go. 

Like the flower it's named after, Pink Ice will continue to withstand its challenging environment and stand strong with its competitors, because of your love and support. Thank you.